AirMax Internet

High Speed Internet services for Clermont, Groveland, Mascotte, Howey-in-the-Hills, South Leesburg, Center Hill, Webster, Bushnell, & Polk City, Florida!

How AirMax Internet Works

An internet receiver is mounted on the home or business which communicates with the AirMax Internet tower via secure, encrypted internet communication standards.

The internet tower is connected to a fiber internet connection which provides super fast and reliable internet service. An ethernet cable runs from the receiver on your home or business to your router, wireless router, or computer. Now you have fast, reliable internet service on par with the highest quality internet in the industry.

Internet recievers range in size from very small to a 18" dish depending on factors such as foilage, and distance from the tower.

Typical internet receiver installations below are hardly noticed. Depending on the location, the internet receiver can be mounted under the eve, on the roof, or on an existing antenna mast.

AirMax vs Satellite

Small receiver, high speeds


For installations where the client has a lot of dense trees, we may install a special internet receiver, sometimes on a pole or antenna mast. We have a number of different internet receivers depending on the situation. Higher-powered internet receivers and poles cost extra but they provide solid internet service for challenging locations.

Installation with an air grid

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AirMax v.s. Satellite & Air Cards

Compare AirMax Internet to satellite and air cards.

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