AirMax Internet

About Us

We don’t see things the way they are, we see things as they should be. It’s what we do.

We’re innovators, we're thinkers, we're dreamers, we're entrepreneurs.

With us it’s always faster this, smaller that, better everything.

We put high speed internet where it belongs, up on a pedestal. We shoot it across the countryside for everyone, in every corner. We are a new breed, with new technology, bringing internet to new places.

Why? Because being connected means everything. It’s the great equalizer.

Today’s internet is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s running businesses, schools, lives, and more. Way more.

It definitely doesn’t have to involve waiting, wishing, paying for overages, buying bundles, or slow speeds.

It takes new thinking, hard work and a dedication to lifting technology to new heights.

So we climb stairs, ladders, towers, and anything else that will allow us to connect you and everyone you know to affordable, reliable, non-bundled high speed internet.

Each day our goal is to feel like kids in grownup’s clothes being a hero to our customers and to be loved for providing affordable, high speed internet and innovative forward-thinking solutions.

We are AirMax Internet.

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We are a local company with a vision to bring fast unlimited internet to new places connecting you and everybody you know.

We provide local support. Installs are typically scheduled within two days.

p 352 366 1252

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AirMax Internet
4327 S. Hwy 27, #166
Clermont, FL 34711