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High Speed Internet
Unlimited, No Contract 2, No Taxes!

  • Get Great Business-Class or Residential High Speed Internet Service in Clermont, Groveland, Mascotte, Howey, South Leesburg, Center Hill, Webster, Bushnell & Polk City, Florida!
  • Internet speeds up to 100x faster than satellite internet, air cards, and hotspots! And no data overages! Average Ping Times 10-40ms.
  • AirMax Internet is fast, reliable, and secure - even during bad weather!
  • Tier-1 fiber-connected redundant network makes our internet service fast!
The Future Can't Wait

Residential Internet Service Plans1     Business Internet

Our Most Poplular Plans

Tier I up to 1.5Mbps
  • Starter Internet Service
  • Email, surfing, music downloads, Facebook, sharing photos
  • Up to 1.7 Mbps down/1.5 Mbps up
  • Unlimited/no cap, no term contract, no taxes!
  • Get up and running and move up to a faster package at any time
  • Free month of service for each referral


Tier II up to 3.5 Mbpsbursts to 5Mbps
  • Fast Internet Service
  • Email, surfing, gaming, music, Youtube, Facebook, light video streaming, normal business use, sharing photos, phone
  • Up to 3.5 Mbps down /2 Mbps up with AirMax Boost - bursts up to 5.5 Mbps down. Very fast!
  • Unlimited/no cap, no term contract, no taxes!
  • Cut the phone bill
  • Dedicated IP address +$7/month
  • Free month of service for each referral


Tier III up to 7.5 Mbps bursts to 10Mbps
  • Super-Fast Internet Service
  • Email, surfing, gaming, music,Youtube, Facebook, phone, medium/heavy HD video streaming (Netflix, Hulu, ect), multiple family members at same time, heavier business use.
  • Up to 7.5 Mbps down/3 Mbps up with AirMax Boost - bursts up to 10.5 Mbps down. Super fast!
  • Unlimited/no cap, no term contract, no taxes!
  • Cut the phone bill
  • Dedicated IP address +$7/month
  • Free month of service for each referral


  • Customized Plans Available
  • Point-to-Point dedicated bandwidth available
  • Up to 100 Mbps+ in many locations
  • Custom plans may require contract
  • We cater to special needs
  • Discrete & confidential


Unlimited Phone
  • Unlimited Phone
  • Free, unlimited long distance calls in the U.S. & Canda, low cost international calls.
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Excellent HD voice quality,
  • Operates over your AirMax Internet connection (Tier 2, Tier 3 only)
  • Use your current telephones/supports FAX
  • See all the features at
  • System and installation $139-$239 depending on configuration.


Details & Installation Cost


  • A small receiver is mounted on the outside of your home or building which picks up a secure encrypted WiFi signal from our nearby tower. An Ethernet cable runs from this receiver to your router or computer. It's that simple!
  • Free site test if needed, to ensure you have great service. We'll know if this is needed when we look up your address.
  • No-risk startup. During the first 30 days if you are not satisfied with your internet service, we'll cancel the service and refund the first month and installation fee (contingent upon return of internet receiver). Installation fee and first month service is non-refundable if the internet
    service is providing rated speeds.
  • No term contract2. Customer is required to sign a Terms of Service Agreement.
  • Unlimited internet service - never any overages, caps, or extra charges to worry about!
  • A free month of service is awarded to existing customers for each referral that signs up for AirMax Internet and is current for 60 days.
  • View Business Internet Service or contact us by email or phone 352 366 1252.

  or call 352 366 1252

Standard Installation

  • $110 installation paid at time of install includes everything needed to install on one computer, Xbox, or a wireless router to serve other computers.
  • Install includes programming, up to 100ft. of shieled Cat5e cable, ends, mount, receiver.
  • If a 20ft mast is needed, we provide them for $110 including heavy duty standoff mount.
  • If a "special" internet receiver is needed due to a challenging location, the cost of the receiver adds $120 to the standard installation price. We let you know before the day of install.

Service area

Services are generally available from Leesburg south to Polk City and from Clermont west to Bushnell FL. Please call us to confirm service at your location. High speed point-to-point service (PTP) and backhaul service is available inside and outside of this area up to 500Mbps.


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